Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu

About the Shul

This friendly and welcoming Sephardi minyan meets in a large, newly renovated building with a full woman’s section and a children’s playroom. It offers traditional davening from all Sephardic regions and customs.
Dibrot Eliyahu was started in Fall, 2018 by Rabbi Elchanan Abergel, son of former Av Beit Din Gadol of Jerusalem Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, with blessings from rabbi’s throughout the US and Israel, to meet the needs of the growing Sephardic community.

Friday Minchah/Kabillat Shabbat starts 5 minutes after candle lighting during winter months, and 7 P.M. in the summer. The regular Shabbat morning minyan starts at 8:45 A.M. and is followed by a communal shabbat lunch. Tehillim for women 1 hour before Rabbi shiur. 45 minutes before mincha is men’s shiur. Saturday mincha starts 22 minutes before candle lighting time, followed by Seudah Slishit and Aravit. The Sunday morning minyan begins at 8 A.M followed by a Torah class and breakfast.

A Talmud class is held Tuesdays evenings at 8:30pm.

About the Rabbi

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Phone: 347-452-0292